Why Massage?

  1. Engaged and motivated employees

Positive focus on reward, recognition and morale. Staff feel valued know the company cares about their health and happiness

  1. Reduced sickness absence

Massage instantly reduces the effects of Stress, MSD’s muscular skeletal injuries (neck strains, RSI etc) and back pain

  1. Increased Performance

Higher energy and concentration levels mean staff work more effectively resulting in improved performance

  1. Proven and measurable results

Our exclusive employee wellbeing and engagement survey identifies problem areas and enables us to create a targeted and bespoke service. It also provides the client with a measure of the impact made by the service

  1. Return on investment (ROI)

The business results speak for themselves Less sick days = Lower costs.  Improved performance and productivity = increased profits. Reduced attrition rates happy, engaged and valued staff don’t leave! Reduced risk of litigation.

  1. Happy staff = happy customers

The way employees respond to customers has a direct impact on the customers satisfaction levels. This has a significant impact on the bottom line

  1. Environment and culture

Workstation awareness. It promotes physical wellbeing and correct posture reducing the risk of muscular skeletal problems and high sickness absence.  It also creates a culture of caring and engagement in the workplace